Chairman's Message

V. K. Singh - Chairman

V. K. Singh

Education is a tool that will allow people to achieve every goal they set for their lives. Globalization has brought an innumerable amount of positive changes in the world. It is not a secret that more the education that people has, the better standard of living they will enjoy. With new age of technology, various different ways to deliver instructions have also emerged. The inclusion of various courses apart from the regular ones is a magnificent system which amplifies and amalgamates the system for glorious achievements and decorous proficiency.
We at Zagdu Singh Charitable Trusts Thakur Shyamnarayan Degree College believe in quality education with high level of excellence. It will be our venture to provide the best infrastructural facilities matched by equally skilled teaching faculty. Dear students always believe in you. You have the ability to do any kind of work, so be confident and work hard to get your dreams come true. You are the people who can change the world. With such a big responsibility on your shoulders, you should be honest, trustworthy, healthy and happy.
‘All the best’.

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