The Bachelor of Computer Application (B.C.A.) is a three-year degree course affiliated to 'Yaswantrao Chavan Maharashtra Open University (YCMOU)' , Nashik.
The degree awarded by YCMOU is equivalent to the degree of any other university. The distinctive features of this course are as follows:-
1. Certificate training program along with B.C.A.
2. Qualified and Well Trained Teachers
3. Assistance for Campus Placement.

विद्यापीठ गीत

एक प्रतिज्ञा असे आमुची ज्ञानाची साधना ।
चिरंतन ज्ञानाची साधना ।
ज्ञान हेच संजीवन साऱ्या जगताच्या जीवना ।। धृ ।।

ज्योत जागवू सुजाणतेची सकलांच्या अंतरी |
तीच निवारील पटल तमाचे प्रभात सूर्यापरी |
ज्ञानच देऊळ, ज्ञानच दैवत, प्रगतीच्या पूजना || १ ||

नव्या युगाचा नव्या जगाचा ज्ञान धर्म आहे |
त्यातच आमुच्या उजळ उद्याचे आश्वासन राहे |
मुक्त करील तो परंपरेच्या बंदिघरातुन मना || २ ||

हाच मंत्र नेईल आम्हाला दिव्य भविष्याकडे |
न्यायनितीचे पाऊल जेथे भेदाशी ना अडे |
जे जे मंगल पावन त्याची जेथे आराधना || ३ ||


University Song : Gist

We pledge to pursue knowledge, eternally and incessantly.
Knowledge being omnipresent, we will strive to enlighten the flame of prudence forever in our hearts.
Radiance of knowledge will overcome the darkness.
Knowledge is the Temple; Knowledge is the Deity in the worship of progress.
Knowledge being the religion of new universe and new era; it promises us of brighter future, by liberating our minds from the confines of tradition.
Incantation of knowledge will lead us to footsteps of justice and a glorious future.
Knowledge alone would incline us to worship everything auspicious and pure.

Bachelor of Computer Application (B.C.A.) - Course details


Technology in the service of India: ensuring the security, enhancing the prosperity and strengthening the identity of every Indian.

Semester - I

1. English Communication
2. Mathematics
3. Problem solving using Computers
4. Programming using C++
5. Lab: Mathematics
6. Lab: Problem Solving using Computers
7. Lab: Programming using C++

Semester - II

1. Environmental Studies
2. Statistics
3. Data Structure using C++
4. Computer Networks
5. Lab: Statistics
6. Lab: Data Structure using C++
7. Lab: Computer Networks

Semester - III

1. Python Programming
2. Operating System
3. Web Technologies
4. Database Management System
5. Lab: Operating System
6. Lab: Web Technologies
7. Lab: Database Management System

Semester - IV

1. Financial and Investment Skills
2. Computer System Architecture
3. Software Engineering
5. Lab: Computer System Architecture
6. Lab: Software Engineering
7. Lab: JAVA

Semester - V

1. Quantitative Aptitude
2. E Commerce Technologies
3. Advance JAVA
4. Linux Administration
5. Lab: E Commerce Technologies
6. Lab: Advance JAVA
7. Lab: Linux Administration

Semester - VI

1. Personality and Career Skills
2. Android Programming
3. PHP Programming
4. Lab: Android Programming
5. Lab: PHP Programming
6. Project - BCA


  • 12th standard of HSC Board of Maharashtra, or its equivalent [including MCVC]
  • OR
  • 3-year Diploma of Board of Technical Examination or equivalent
  • OR
  • 2-year ITI programme of any trade after 10th standard
  • OR
  • 2-year course of Maharashtra State Board of Vocational Education after 10th
  • OR
  • YCMOU Preparatory


  • Admission to the course offered by the rules framed by the YCMOU University form time to time and will be given at the commencement of the first semester.
  • Candidate seeking admission other than Maharashtra board must produce a Migration Certificate and Transfer Certificate from the board/college last attended.

Programme Outcome

  • This programme is best suited for students who are keen on taking up a career in the field of IT and have a technical bent of mind. It provides training in programming, applied mathematics and communication skills.

Scheme of Examination

The Scheme of the Examination shall be divided in three parts:
  1. Internal Assesment - 20 Marks
    • One class assignment of 20 marks to be submitted for each subject.
  2. Semester End Examination - 80 Marks
    • Duration - This examination shall be of 3 hours duration.
  3. Practical - 50 Marks
    • The marks are alloted based on practical and Case study.


  • Certificate training on 'Web Application & Programming' for FYBCA students.
  • Certificate training on 'Core and Advanced Java' for SYBCA students.
  • Certificate training on 'React' for TYBCA students.


Our Address

Zagdu Singh Charitable Trust's
Thakur Shyamnarayan Degree College, 90 feet Road,
Thakur Complex , Kandivali (East) , Mumbai-400101 .

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